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The Elio!
Welcome to the Elio Motors Automobile Owners Site!  This website is here to provide information, resources, comments, and feedback for current and future owners of the new Elio automobile.  All are welcome here.  We do ask that employees, representatives, or vendors who work for or on behalf of Elio Motors state their affiliation when they post here and in our Forums.

This is an independent website and is not affiliated in any way with Elio Motors.  It is here to provide an independent source for sharing of information between current and future owners of the new Elio automobiles.  As of September 1, 2013, Elio Motors has stated its intended production to begin in the Summer of 2014.  Orders are being taken by the manufacturer and it appears that thousands have already placed preliminary orders.

Preliminary information on the Elio states a highway economy of 84 MPG and city economy of 50 MPG.   With a top speed of over 100 MPH, this makes the Elio an appealing automobile for commuting or touring.

We will keep this site posted with updates as Elio Motors announces them.  You can also go to the official Elio Motors website at eliomotors.com
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